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Happy Crafty New Year – Beyond Craft

Every Tuesday evening I host Beyond Craft, aka #BCChat; over on Twitter. Last month we had a fun Secret Santa swap, and this week I am launching our first Challenge of 2021 – Happy Crafty New Year!

Beyond Craft aka #BCChat a weekly creative twitter chat

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my fab Secret Santa gift, and to tell you about the new challenge I’ll be launching tomorrow. So if you’ve spotted this, you have an early start!

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The First Skip to the End Podcast Event – #Skipfest 2019

I’m going to begin this post with a disclaimer,

this will not be a standard event review.

I’m a huge fan of Skip to the End, and have been for so long, that I can’t quite pinpoint when I started listening! so much so that here in 2019 my annual Movie Challenge here on the blog is based on just one of many features on the podcast. STTESo who/what is Skip to the End? There’s something refreshingly different about this particular movie podcast (and I’ve listened to a fair few over the last few years) and it’s of no surprise to me that Skip to the End, and hosts Mark, Ben and Gemma, have managed to produce something more than just a fun fortnightly movie pod, with listeners exceeding 10.8 million . It’s a twice monthly riot, of in-jokes, laugh out loud moments, genuine friendship, and of course reviews, games, recommendations and more! All this and the fact is clear to all listeners, they are three friends, passionate about films (some rather questionable!) Spending time talking about what they love. It’s an honest, uncensored podcast, that doesn’t care for a cliched critical outlook. And with this attitude, they have brought together people from all over the place, and in doing so created a pocket fandom, complete with fan-nickname: The SkipFam.

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My Top 10 Must See Movies

My top 10 must see movies; was originally a guest post elsewhere; now that blog, and associated twitter; are no longer active at the point of this refresh… I thought I’d share my original list in this post. This is definitely worthy of discussion now, though many of them I stand by fully!

My top 10 must see movies

I am a massive movie fan, though I don’t blog about film much (although I do share a movie challenge on the blog every year), so this has been a really fun chance to do something different! I do chat about films a lot more on Twitter though, so feel free to say hi over there.
Without further ado, my top 10 must see movies, and why! (In no particular order and subject to change at any time, because 10 is HARD!)

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