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February Scrapbook Pages 2018

So I thought I’d share a quick February scrapbook update as we’re at the end of another month; as well as chat a little about what we got up to in the last month.

Scrapbook Share graphic image

Previous layout: January

So I also decided somewhere along the line in February that I liked the Disney sketching, so have carried on with that as well… It gets me drawing again if nothing else!!

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February 2017 – Handmade Cards: Love

Ah February, such a mixed month! But of course we had Valentines Day a little while ago, so it seemed only appropriate to share some of my LOVE themed handmade cards this month!

Handmade Cards

So, here are some handmade cards, all about love. These are cars I have made for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and weddings past and present!

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Handmade Wedding Gift – Created With Love

It’s Valentines week, all hearts and flowers as far as the eye can see! But I’m not here to talk about valentines, I’m here to talk about a handmade wedding gift.

So if valentines is not for you, please stay, enjoy, and think of the discounted chocolate available now!

Feel the Love

We went to a wedding this week, and it was of course a great opportunity for me to get creative! I decided to make a handmade wedding gift for the happy couple!

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