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12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Knitted Bobble Hat

It’s been interesting juggling a lot of work hours, Christmas prep, and Christmas crafting; it’s lead to finding some fun projects to work on in a small amount of time! Like today’s project, a cute knitted bobble hat!

Christmas 5

Knitting is still a great chillout project for me, so this was nice to knit over an evening after work. Along with scarves, and mittens, hats are a great Chrismas present, and a really easy handmade gift, for beginners or experienced knitters alike!

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12 Days of Christmas 2020: The Blogmas Tag

It’s no secret that I love a good themed tag post, and I’m really surprised I’ve never done a Christmas themed one before! So today for day 2 of my 12 days of Christmas I’m sharing The Blogmas Tag!


I’m delighted to share our answers, and of course ask that you stop by and check out the blogger that tagged me; and for this I was tagged by the fab Jupiter of Life with Jupiter and Dann!

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November 28th – My Birthday in History *

It’s that time of year again, birthday things are occurring!

The Christmas music has been playing in shops for a couple of weeks; everyone’s talking about parties and people are generally in that feel-good stage before the chaos of December…

This post contains a product I was gifted in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own*


But in this house; as much as Christmas is in full swing in terms of shopping and preparing, it’s also my birthday…

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February Scrapbook Pages 2018

So I thought I’d share a quick February scrapbook update as we’re at the end of another month; as well as chat a little about what we got up to in the last month.

Scrapbook Share graphic image

Previous layout: January

So I also decided somewhere along the line in February that I liked the Disney sketching, so have carried on with that as well… It gets me drawing again if nothing else!!

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A Day Out To: NT Trelissick for a February Walk

News! We were given National Trust membership as a gift for Stu’s Birthday which is perfect when I’d already decided to share some more of our days out! Cornwall has many National Trust gardens and properties, and we can’t wait to explore! First up – Trelissick!

A day out to...

Unfortunately many are closed until March, but Trelissick is open this month, and conveniently is the nearest National Trust property to us!

NT Trelissick sign

This week, we were lucky with a lovely sunny day; and we decided to make the most of it, with the first -of many I’m sure- National Trust walk!

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Knitting the Doctor Who Scarf

Ah, knitting the Doctor Who scarf. This is something I know a thing or two about by now…

Craft Room and Beyond, Crafts Header

Ah the Doctor Who scarf, made famous of course by the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker.

Tom Baker as Doctor Who, wearing the iconic striped scarf
Photo from ©BBC

There are patterns readily available for free online (Just google it) and this particular story begins when a colleague was making one a few years ago. I thought it looked pretty simple, and therefore I thought I’d have a go; because my brother is a huge Doctor Who fan! I’d just started knitting at the time, and it really is a simple project.

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A Day Out To – Trebah Garden A Winter Walk

Starting the year as I mean to go on! Sharing some of our days out, and what we get up to when we’re not busy working or chilling at home! To begin the year on a crisp afternoon, we headed to Trebah Garden!

A day out to...

At the beginning of January, in between all of the rain(!) there was a brief sunny day, and we decided to make the most of it; and check out somewhere, quite nearby here in Cornwall, that we’d never been before.

Trebah Garden 5
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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Stocking Bauble Tutorial

One of my favourite free gift projects, from a back issue of Cross-Stitcher magazine (I think, I could look it up if necessary!) were these stocking bauble tree decorations.

Christmas 8

I love them so much I often make them as gifts, as they are really easy to personalise, and incredibly quick to make!So how do I make them?

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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Sock Snowmen – Tutorial

This year I was looking for some fun festive craft projects, and today I thought I’d share a tutorial for these cute sock snowmen!

Christmas 7

I’ve seen a few sock snowman projects over the last couple of years, and really wanted to make them, but never got around to it. Part of it was the thought that these things aren’t as easy as they look! I’m sure we’ve all been there, right?

These are EASY! I made these two in one evening. They’re incredibly cute, and extremely versatile, I’m sure you can find many alternatives with a simple Google search, but I stuck with the traditional snowman.

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